BLASPHEMY? Aleister Crowley would turn in his grave hearing me say that.  Yet it is with my utmost respect for the late Mr. Crowley and his enormous contribution to the study of Tarot that I must insist.  The Kings are not mutable. They are fixed! KABBALAH To explain, let me begin with the Kabbalistic explanation. … Read more

Nine of Pentacles

Nine of Pentacles LORD OF MATERIAL GAIN VENUS IN VIRGO The Nine of Pentacles is Yesod in Assiah.  It is the influence of the Foundation (Air) in the Active World of the Earth.  Everything comes together beautiful in the Nine of Pentacles.  The influence of Yesod on Assiah is actually remarkably effective, as everything here revolves around … Read more

Seven of Pentacles

Seven of Pentacles LORD OF SUCCESS UNFULFILLED SATURN IN TAURUS The Seven of Pentacles is Netzach in Assiah.  It is the force of Victory (Eternity) in the Active (Material World).  There is too much emotion in this card for it to be truly happy.  Netzhach (Emotions), the seventh Sephirah is ruled by Venus.  Devoid of the intellect … Read more

Six of Pentacles

Six of Pentacles LORD OF MATERIAL SUCCESS MOON IN TAURUS The Six of Pentacles is Tiferet in Assiah.  It is the power of Beauty in the Active (Material World). As is with the other Sixes, Tipheret (number six), brings balance and harmony into the aftermath of severity of Gevurah. And, thus, Tipheret, which is reflection of the … Read more