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How do I determine whether or not to use reversals?

How do I determine whether or not to use reversals?

That’s an easy one: Only use reversals if you’re comfortable with them.

Plenty of Tarot professionals don’t use reversals at all – after all, with 78 cards and thousands of combination, you can have a pretty meaningful and accurate readings.

However, if you are comfortable with the cards and their interpretations and want to take your reading to the next level – go for it.

In my course, LEARN TAROT IN A DAY, I don’t even touch reversals – to me it is a more advanced function of the cards.  Therefore, I believe that you should thoroughly understand the cards first and have a significant experience reading them upright before moving on to reversals.  It is better to do an accurate reading with all upright cards than have a less desirable outcome with reversals.




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