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How do you read for people that are not present?

How do you read for people that are not present? 3rd party readings?  For example – my friend asked me to read about her ex- boyfriend’s new relationship? Can a reading be accurate if the person is not present?

So I see two issues here:  reading for people that are not in the room (i.e. Skype or phone readings) or reading for 3rd parties.

The first one is easy – the querent does not necessarily have to be in the room to receive an accurate reading.  The only difference is that I do the shuffling and concentrating on the answers part.

The second issue is a matter of morality to me.  I NEVER read for people that are not asking for a reading.  I find it unethical for me to intrude on their lives when they don’t ask for it or even suspect it is happening.




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