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Tarot for Yes/No questions

Do you recommend using Tarot for Yes/No questions – if so how?

Hi, Riley

I don’t like using the Tarot for yes/no readings.  To me, it is very limiting and does not offer everything the Tarot can present – which is guidance. It is better to phrase the question as “What can I do to manifest….?” or “How can I ensure that [something happens]?”

In that way, the Tarot can do what it does best, which is give you meaningful guidance.

However, if you MUST use it for yes /no readings, just designate BEFORE laying out the cards what would constitute YES and what would constitute NO.  For example: Major Arcana for YES or Minor Arcana for NO.  Once you drew the card, however, don’t just treat it as a one-word answer – examine the card for further advice.




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