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Have you ever wanted to be able to read Tarot Cards but struggled to get through boring memorization and lengthy and – oh! so vague! – card descriptions? Then this course is for you.

Learn Tarot In A Day– will help you do just that – be able to read the Tarot in as little as one day! Whether you’re totally new to the Tarot or have started your exploration of the cards already, this course will help you unlock the mysteries of the Tarot in an effortless and fun way.

So why spend a lot of time and money on courses that will just leave you relying on your (often faulty) memory, when you can perform accurate and intuitive Tarot readings in as little as one day?

2,500 + students can't be wrong

his course is fantatsic, I absolutely loved it! Marina’s offering of lessons, print-outs, exercises, recaps and quizes for each section keeps the learner engaged and easily able to apply what they have learned. She takes a subject that can be very difficult to understand (the Tarot) and breaks it down into sections that are easy to digest and that build upon one another, enabling the learner to apply the knowledge immediately while growing their own, deeper understanding of Tarot reading.

Jill Morris

As someone who’s read more than a few paperbacks on tarot and always referred to them for doing readings, the system presented is so intuitive and easy to remember, I wish I knew about it back in the day when I was more heavily into doing them. ? Regardless, this is going to be some superb knowledge for both anyone starting to get into tarot and intermediate diviners who will find this system extremely handy!

Steve McIntyre

Putting the cards together in such a simple way and making the connections changed how I viewed tarot. It was less complicated and I can keep practicing that way. The workbooks are extremely helpful, there instructor has very nice energy, and she is is easy to understand/very clear. I’ll watch this again and again I think so I can pick up things I may have missed and keep practicing. Great course!

Michele Bernstein



  • The Tarot is first and foremost a tool to unlock your intuition. Through this course, you will learn how to tap into your intuition to read the cards accurately and naturally. No more little deck booklets for you!


  • There is no reason to memorize the interpretations of 78 cards. Not only is it difficult and time consuming, it makes your readings robotic and meaningless. Learn all the cards without meaningless repetition and memorization by applying a simple method that is both logical and easy to remember and understand


  • There is no one Tarot spread to answer every question and need. This course will not only give you an option of a variety of spreads, but teach you how to determine which spread to apply in which situation and which spreads work best FOR YOU!

Course Contains

Tarot Lesson

Lesson 1

History of the Tarot

Tarot Lesson

Lesson 2

Minor Arcana

Tarot Lesson

Lesson 3

Major Arcana

Tarot Lesson

Lesson 4

Court Cards

Tarot Lesson

Lesson 5

Tarot Spreads

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