A visually engaging Tarot Deck with Astrological and Kabbalistic attributes.

Each deck purchase includes complimentary access to LEARN TAROT IN A DAY© online course.

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Each Purchase includes a complimentary enrollment in an Online Tarot Course

Choose from one of the three popular online courses from LEARN TAROT IN A DAY (beginner), TAROT DEEP DIVE (intermediate, includes astrology) or TAROT FINAL FRONTIER (Kabbalah and the Tarot). To enroll in a course, just send an email to with a copy of your Amazon receipt.

The Journey

Presenting the Soul’s Journey Tarot Deck—a profound and symbolic soul companion. Traverse from the Spirit World to our earthly realm and back, unlocking life’s mysteries. Embark on a transformative journey, as you explore the beautifully blended arts of astrology, symbology, numerology, and Kabbalistic symbols, enriching your readings with unparalleled depth and significance.

Crafted from revered Tarot systems—the Golden Dawn and Thoth Deck—the Soul’s Journey Tarot gracefully embraces the essence of both traditions. Additionally, it weaves a mesmerizing tapestry of occult symbolism, empowering seekers to courageously dive into consciousness’s profound depths. Moreover, the Court Cards are thoughtfully associated with historical images, thereby simplifying the process of reading personalities and revealing hidden traits with ease and accuracy.

The Deck

Furthermore, the visually stunning deck boasts 78 cards, comprising 22 Major Arcana and 56 Minor Arcana. Furthermore, each card’s golden-framed design enhances its allure, captivating every shuffle. Additionally, an accompanying guide booklet offers invaluable insights, making your journeys all the more enlightening. Plus, the luxurious flip box ensures your cherished cards are well-preserved and readily accessible for continuous inspiration.

Always remember, Tarot transcends  the so-called ‘fortune-telling‘—it becomes a transformative divination tool, providing profound illumination for life’s intricate situations. The Soul’s Journey Tarot serves as an expert guide through the maze of complexities, offering deep insights and revelations. Embrace the power of synchronicity, drawing daily cards or immersing in immersive spreads to unlock the deck’s wisdom. Trust the Soul’s Journey Tarot as your reliable compass, leading you towards profound self-discovery and personal growth on your enlightening journey.

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