Sephirot Of The Tarot

Sephrot Of The Tarot
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Welcome to our mini course: 

Sephirot Of The Tarot.

Kabbalah, along with astrology, is an integral part of The Tarot.  No tarot reading can be complete without considering all aspects of the cards: symbology, numerology, astrology and the Kabbalah and its Sephirot.

Hence, in this mini-course, Sephirot Of The Tarot, we discuss each Sephirah separately: its substance, its characteristics and, of course, its relationship to the Tarot Cards.  Why are the fives turbulent? Why do we often get bored in the fours? What is it about the Kings that we need to consider each time they come up in a reading? 

When reading the Tarot, it is imperative that we reflect the connection of the cards to ALL of the characteristics of the Sephirot in which they reside: from its placement on the Tree of Life to its ruling planet and element.  All of these factors are direct influence on each other and the Tarot.  

While each Sephirah is here examined on its own, The Tree of Life, in which the Sephirot dwell, is a carefully woven canvas that tells a full story only when considered as a whole.  Therefore, It is best to tackle this mini-series in order.  Start with the top Sephirah, Keter, and work your way down to Malkut. 


If you would like to learn more, all of this material is also discussed at a greater length in the Tarot Final Frontier course.  However, keep in mind that Tarot Final Frontier is the most advanced and final in the Learn Tarot In a Day series.  If you are a novice, I recommend you start by learning the Tarot as a beginner in Learn Tarot In A Day.

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