Four of Cups

Four of Cups



Where do you go from ABUNDANCE of the Three of Cups? The overflowing cups of luxury of the three of cups eventually become benign in the Four of Cups, which is Chesed (Mercy) in Briah, the world of Creativity (Water). 

At a first glance every combination of the Four of Cups flows smoothly (no pun intended).  Chesed is a realm of Jupiter – a planet of growth and expansion. Jupiter is actually exalted in the sign of Cancer. And which planet rules Cancer? Why, the Moon, of course. What a chummy crowd, right? 

And yet, this card is a sobering reminder that when you have too much of everything at every minute – it might just become – well…. not enough.  This is the ultimate card of ‘familiarity breeding contempt.’  All the elements of this card are jut being too polite with each other.  Think about it as being at a party where everyone smiles and compliments each other.  Might seem lovely for the first hour.  Afterward, however, you start wishing for a good scandal to break up the monotony.  

Thus when the Four of Cups is the ultimate reminder that when there is too much of a good thing – there is no way to go but down. 


In this Four of Cups, we see a very melancholy girl sitting in front of a rushing river (water – Briah – Cups).  She extends her hand to the water, as if trying to capture a moment in time.  Yet the cups are fleeting. They are slowly drifting away.  The Moonlight reminds us of the planet ruling this card.


  • Dissatisfaction
  • Apathy
  • Feeling of missing out 
  • Boredom
  • Lost opportunity




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