Nine of Pentacles

Nine of Pentacles



The Nine of Pentacles is Yesod in Assiah.  It is the influence of the Foundation (Air) in the Active World of the Earth.  Everything comes together beautiful in the Nine of Pentacles.  The influence of Yesod on Assiah is actually remarkably effective, as everything here revolves around material and physical satisfaction. To be clear, nothing about this card calls on our spirituality or higher calling.  Everything here is about material and physical well-being.

To solidify that feeling, we have Venus in Virgo.  Venus, the very symbol of physical pleasure is more than happy to guide along Virgo – an analytical and conscientious sign. With the Influence of Venus, Virgo can achieve much in the physical world!


In this Nine of Pentacles, Salome is performing the Dance of the Seven Veils. With one hand, she makes an attempt at modesty by holding onto the last veil left on her body. Her other hand is holding a pentacle – a sign of success and wealth. Salome has wealth (success) to spare, as the other eight pentacles are being trampled under her feet.

What stands out in this Nine of Pentacles is the expression on Salome’s face.  She is smiling, but INDIFFERENTLY.  She is smug, rather than sincere.  Her look is that of disdain.  After all, her success is physical and material, and, by extension, temporary and fleeting.


  • Inheritance
  • Financial success
  • Enjoying results of one’s labor
  • Physical comfort


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