Ten of Pentacles

Ten of Pentacles



The Ten of Pentacles is the final climax of descent into the Active World.  It is Malkut in Assiah – Earth in Earth. Not only is this the last card in the suit of Pentacles, it is the last card of the Tarot Deck. The Ten of Pentacles is the lowest Sephirah (Malkut) in the Lowest world (Assiah). It is from this depth, that our ascent into Keter must begin anew.  Like any other Ten, the Ten on Pentacles is an end of one cycle and beginning of another. 

Additionally, in the Ten of Pentacles, Mercury is in Virgo.  Mercury is right at home in Virgo, as its ruling sign. Mercury delves into the core of issues and resolves them.  That’s very helpful to the very resourceful Virgo and between the two of them, all the physical and material success is assured!


This Ten of Pentacles is a very lush, fertile and bright card.

In this card, we see ten pentacles falling onto the earth.  They all seem to ‘fertilize’ the spot where a lush tree is beginning to grow (representing the Tree of Life).  The tree has ten branches, which symbolize ten Sephirot. 

At the top of the card is a bright light, representing the light of Keter, toward which this tree will grow.

Enveloping the tree is a single ivy, with four flowers.  On the bottom is the brown, flower, representing Earth (Assiah).  Next up is the Light Lavender flower representing Air (Yetzirah).  Third flower is Blue, representing Briah (Water).  The Last flower is Red, representing Atzilut (Fire).  These are the four worlds which we must now ascend on the way up to Keter.



  • Completion of a cycle 
  • Wealth
  • End of the journey (in a good way)
  • Inheritance
  • Full contentment


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