Ten of Swords

10 of Swords



The Ten of Swords is Malkut in Yetzirah.  It is the power of Earth in the world of Air. 

There is no sugar-coating the Ten of Swords.  It is the end of the Road.  Somewhat like Malkut is the end of the journey from Keter. The steady weight of the element of Earth is as oppressive to Air as anything can be. 

Furthermore, we have the Sun in Gemini. The Sun is the ultimate Ego and self-realization.  Being swallowed by the intellect of the Gemini, it becomes the realization of the ultimate loss.  It is the final ruin of the intellect.

And, yet, like with any other number ten, there is light at the end of the tunnel.  For every ten is also a one – a new beginning.  Just like Malkut is the end of the road and a beginning of a new one, so the Ten of Swords promises that even though it is as bad as it gets, you have nowhere to go from here, but UP!


This Ten of Swords is represented by the Phoenix. I specifically chose this image to embody the Ten of Swords because I prefer to focus not on the ruin, but on what comes after: a new beginning. 

The Sun looms large in this Ten of Swords, as the Phoenix takes his last breath.  Ten Swords are piercing his body. He is about to die. Yet, death is not a finale, but a re-birth.  For, as we know that after a horrible death, the Phoenix will stubbornly rise again!


  • The end of the line
  • Pain / anguish
  • As much as one can take
  • As bad as it gets – nowhere to go but up!


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