Yesod = Foundation

Rules The Moon

Colors: Purple, Indigo, Violet


Yesod is Foundation. It sits directly below Tipheret, thus reflecting its light (Moon’s reflection of the sun). This is the ‘trial run’  of what will become our world (Malkut) – the formative, active world.  It is as if somebody drew a blueprint of the world (Yesod) and then actually constructed it (Malkut).


The images of Yesod are seductiveness and beauty; they can also be hideous and frightening (remember: Moon is deceptive and seductive). They are dreams and fears of humanity.  However, these images are illusive.  Remember, they are only the moon reflections of the real sunlight of Tipheret.

Yesod is the foundation of ‘our’ universe. Sitting smack in the idle of the Pillar of Equilibrium, Yesod is the child of Netzach and Hod – intuition and intellect. And thus, it combines the powers of both. It is almost like the powers of all higher Sephirot are being utilized in Yesod in a ‘trial run’ for what will eventually become our world, Malkut.

Yesod is the sphere of psychics and mystics, as ruled by the Moon. It is an etheric sphere.

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