Five of Wands

Five of Wands

Five of Wands


SATURN IN LEO: Five of Wands

The Five if Wands is the Gevurah in Atzilut – the influence of Severity in the World of Fire. OUCH!

This is the ultimate representation of the nature of the energies.  It is also the ultimate Discord

The Sephirah of Gevurah carries destruction. The sign of Leo points to the Sun and the ultimate Ego.  Therefore, more often than not, the strife happening in the Five of Wands is internal.  It is the destruction of one’s own ego, that can be brutal, yet necessary in order to achieve one’s spiritual goals. 

Additionally, Saturn, the planet of destruction and limitation is in the sign of Leo.  This, in turn, causes all the heat of this card to boil over and, eventually, explode.


The Hindu Goddess Kali is the very epitome of Gevurah in Atzilut.  Kali destroys.  Yet her destruction is not a goal in itself.  It is a means of bringing forth peace.

Floating above the flames of fire (Yod), Kali’s four hands hold four wands, representing the Sephirot that came before her.  The fifth wand, floating above her, is the intent to destroy all that came before.


  • Conflict
  • Clash of will(s)
  • Destructive competition
  • Strife
  • Internal struggle




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