Binah = Understanding

Rules Saturn

Colors: Black


Binah is Understanding.  Whereas Chokmah is Wisdom, these two are a curious balance of each other.  Wisdom suggests accumulated knowledge. Understanding implies a power to perceive the essence of things which is not necessarily implicit in wisdom, taken as intellectual knowledge.


It is part of the Supernal Triangle (KETERCHOKMAH – BINAH) and completes the process of Astral Creation.  Whereas Chokmah is is active – sending off its energy into Binah, she receives that energy to produce what will ultimately become form.  Whereas Chokmah, as the father, is the giver of life, Binah is the giver of death: by giving birth (creating form), she dooms death.  For every form is temporary and will eventually expire.  She is the very female potency of the Universe.


It is important to note that she heads at the top of the Pillar of Severity.  For once, a form is implied, it will, by extension will have to endure trials and tribulations. As mentioned before, Sephirot come in opposite pairs.  Thus, Binah balances Chokmah.  They cannot be whole without each other.

Binah is the archetypal womb, from which universe emerges. She is sometimes called Marah, The Great Sea (from which all life originally emerged).  Form, in Binah, should not be taken literally (as physical form does not emerge until we get to the last Sephirah, Malkut).


Binah is restriction.  It is a ‘will’ to form, a discipline imposed on the pure force of Chokmah. The limitation is also echoed by Binah’s ruling planet: Saturn.  Saturn is a planet of limitations.

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