Chokmah = Wisdom

Rules the whole Zodiac.

Colors: Grey (pearl grey, iridescent)


Chokmah is the very outpouring of energy (eventually into the next, female Sephirah). It is also a number two – which is perfect harmony. It may be considered the first reality (because Keteris NOT reality).  It is the first Sephira where the energy of Keter becomes active and passionate. 

Wisdom contains the knowledge that is passed on from Keter. Yet, this knowledge does not have a basis or theories or proof – it just is – and it is comfortable with that.  It sits at the top of the Pillar of Mercy. Chokmah is the Supernal Father (as Binah is Mother – which we will see in a minute)


Chokmahis very dynamic – its power is felt and respected. It is ‘outdriving’, dynamic Sephirah.  It is the great stimulator of the Universe. As the ‘father’, Chokmahis the giver of life (as mother is the giver of death, but more on that later).

As a representative of sexual energy, Chokmah oozes raw male sexuality.  Whereas Keter proclaims ‘let there be light’ (figuratively speaking), Chokmah starts the process of creation of that light.


In Chokmah, we see a duality between being almost Bacchanalian with his phallic representations as ‘giver of life’ and a Golden Dawn symbol of a respected bearded man (to indicate maturity, not old age).  The implication here is that it is not a fertility god, but a creator of the universe, and so sets forth cosmic energy.

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