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There are thousands of books about learning the Tarot. There are literally hundreds of explanations of the cards – and you’re supposed to memorize them all.  That includes 156 cards (each with multiple meaning), if you use reversals. For that reason alone, the Tarot has been elusive to most people over the years.

Are you ready for such undertaking? I am not – never was.  However, what I found more useful, was reading about the different aspects of the Tarot – from their origins as humble playing cards through their development as one of the main tools of divination.

Here is a shocker: the Tarot EVOLVED! That’s right – over the centuries, different philosophical and esoteric meaning associated with the Tarot to give it deeper meaning and understanding.  Astrology, Kabbalah, numerology – all of these philosophies were gradually studied in conjunction with the Tarot to understand the cards’ synchronicities and connection to the universe.

So don’t just ‘study to read’ the Tarot.  Study ABOUT the Tarot.  Study everything you can get your hands on.  Only then can you truly become enlightened.

On my blog pages, I will do my best to present to you different aspects of the Tarot that are not widely available in beginner materials. So have an open mind and be ready for your own journey into the World of Tarot.

With love


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