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At he heart of the Kabbalistic philosophy is the Tree of Life.  It shows ten Sephirot or emanations, which represent the creation of the Universe. (Actually, there are 11 Sephirot – but we will address that in due time). Tarot Resources

Sephirot is a plural noun of the singular Sephirah, which, translated from Hebrew means manifestation or emanation.

Kabbalah Tarot Part IThe Most important thing to understand is that these Sephirot are not located in place or time.  These are States of consciousness – both collective and individual consciousness, following the mystic principle: As above, so below. Tarot Resources

The Sephirot start their progress at the top and zig-zag their way to the bottom.

As stated above, Sephirot represent different states of manifestation. Each Sephirah is, in turn associated with a cosmic body, which it rules.  Perhaps more importantly, we need to recognize that the whole tree is made up of pairs of opposite Sephiot.  One active and dynamic (positive), the other receptive and formative (negative). Positive and Negative are not judgement calls, in this case, rather descriptions – sort of like electrical polarities. Each Sephirah on the tree has qualities ‘balanced’ by its opposite. In this tug-and pull method the pairs bring into being a third Sephirah – which is greater than the sum of the two. And so it goes.

Furthermore, each Sephirah has a specific characteristic which is either female or male. We need to ensure we don’t confuse these with the gender characteristics – these are mere descriptions of the qualities of manifestation that the human mind has the tendency to associate with gender.

Included in this blog are descriptions of the Sephirot. I had done my best to make it easy to understand abstract concepts of manifestation and bring them to light with the enclosed art.

Please don't get discouraged if some of the explanations are not easy to grasp. Remember, some people spend their whole lives studying the Kabbalah. These articles are not meant to be a substitute for such study. Rather, they should serve as encouragement for further investigation.

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